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Application for a new Sri Lankan under this category can be made to the Embassy with additional documents apart from the standard requirements for applying for a new Sri Lankan passport.

Applicant is required to make a complaint to the local police station immediately after the loss of the passport, and obtain a police report for the lost passport.

Police report together with a letter issued by UAE Immigration Department with English translation should be submitted with the application.

A copy of the lost passport is essential, and applications for a new passport without a copy of the lost passport will not be entertained.

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  • Duly filled passport application-I.E.36_A  K Form
  • Duly filled Complaint Form- Stolen or Lost Sri Lankan Passport
  • A copy of the lost passport
  • Police report with its English translation
  • Original Birth Certificate with copies.
  • Original Sri Lankan national ID with copies.
  • Three colour photographs-taken within three months, passport size 3.5×4.5 cm. Please see specifications (No scanned photographs are accepted)

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Passport for All Countries( Without copy)AED 1740/-
Passport for All Countries( With copy)AED 1370/-

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