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Emergency Travel Document, Non-Machine Readable Passport (NMRP) is issued to Sri Lankan nationals only to return to Sri Lanka on emergency cases, such as lost Passport, expiry of the current passport etc,.

The validity of a NMRP passport is only for 3 months. However, NMRP can be issued valid for 6 months, provided an application for a regular passport is made to the Embassy.

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  • Duly filled passport application-I.E.35_A  K Form
  • Three colour photographs-taken within three months- passport size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm. Please see specifications. (No scanned photographs are accepted)
  • Current passport with copies of the photo pages, alteration and observation pages
  • Copies of the lost passport, Police report with legal English translation, if applicable.

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NMRP PassportAED 280/-
NMRP PassportAED 180/- (subjected to applying together with a regular passport)

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