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The Embassy attends in miscellaneous consular services such as attestation, certification, authentication and validation of documents, attestation of pension certificates, life certificates, police clearance certificates etc., on a written request by the applicant, who should be present in-person at the Mission with valid identity documents–Passport/Emirates ID etc,.

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The Mission takes action in this regard on a written request made by a particular party/individual. If such documents are issued in Sri Lanka, they should be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, and if such are issued in a foreign country, should be countersigned by relevant foreign authorities in the country of residence before the request is made to the Embassy.

Please note that the validity of the attested documents confines only to one year period, and the Mission attests/authenticates/legalizes documents, which come during the validity period of one year only.

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The applicant should be present in-person at the Mission, and the pension receipts/life certificates should be signed by the applicant in the presence of a Diplomatic officer. Original Passport with a copy, a copy of a valid visa and Pensioner’s Identity Card issued by the Director/Department of Pensions in Colombo are required to be produced at the attestation.

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Applications can be obtained from the Consular Section of the Embassy or online and should be submitted to the Embassy with the duly filled application form, current valid passport with 02 photocopies and Sri Lankan National Identity Card with two copies.

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The Embassy attends in translation of Sri Lanka Driving License from English to Arabic, issued by the Department of Motor Traffic of Sri Lanka. The original driving license is required together with identity documents of the applicant–Passport/Emirates ID etc., at the time when the application is made to the Mission.

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A Diplomatic officer is vested with powers as ex officio, a Justice of Peace for the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and accordingly may administer any oath or affirmation or taking any affidavit, and such oath, affirmation or affidavit shall be deemed to have been administered or taken, as the case may be in Sri Lanka. The applicant should be physically present at the Embassy with valid identity documents such as Passport, IDs for such services.

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Applicants are kindly requested to be present in- person at the Mission with a written request for such services with valid identity documents–Passport/Emirates ID etc,.

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Attestation/Authentication of a documentAED 110/-
Translations & Attestation of Driving LicensenAED 110/-
Police ClearanceAED 40/-
Affirming/taking of AffidavitAED 185/-
Endorsements/Amendments-per amendmentAED 40/-
Issue a certified copy of Birth/Death/Marriage certificate and for each additional copy thereofAED 20/-

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