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A Sri Lankan citizen, who is under 16 years old, can apply for a Sri Lankan passport to the Embassy.

Application for a passport under this category should be made in line with general terms and conditions applicable for applying for a new Sri Lankan Passport.

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  • Duly perfected passport application – I.E.35_A  K Form
  • Three colour photographs-taken within three months, passport size 3.5×4.5 cm. Please see specifications- (No scanned photographs are accepted).
  • A ‘No Objection’ letter signed by both parents giving consent to the issuance of a separate passport to the child. If the parents are divorced/separated, the original court decision countersigned by relevant authorities should be attached. Please see a specimen.
  • UAE Birth Certificate (original) in English, attested by relevant UAE authority with copies, if the child is born in UAE.
  • Original Sri Lankan Birth Certificate with a photocopy, and if the child was born outside Sri Lanka, the original Citizenship
  • Certificate with a photocopy.
  • The current passports of the parents- if Sri Lankans-with photocopies of 8 & 9 pages-photo page(2-3 Pages) and endorsement pages(4-5 Pages).
  • Parents’ Marriage certificate with a copy

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Passport for All CountriesAED 580/-

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