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The Embassy is mandated to play a vital role, through the Labour Section of the Mission, in safeguarding the rights of Sri Lankan migrant workers in UAE, in particular in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The United Arab Emirates, as one of the key destinations for a substantial number of Sri Lankan migrant workers, primarily in low skilled categories of labour, the Mission is also mandated to address migrant worker grievances and welfare of the workers in line with the Sri Lanka National Labour Migration Policy.

It is one of the key recognized norms that the rights and welfare of migrant workers should be protected by both origin and destination countries during the three main stages of the labour migration process, i.e. Pre-Migration, In-service and Post-Migration.

In line with the guidance, international norms and national policies stipulated in the Sri Lanka National Labour Migration Policy, ILO, Vienna Convection on Consular Relations, relevant MOUs and labour agreements between Sri Lanka and UAE, labour officials of the Mission are to intervene in welfare and other services of Sri Lankan migrant workers at all stages above.

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  1. Ensuring a Safe Recruitment Process for Promoting the Rights of Sri Lankan Migrant Workers.
  2. Registration of Individual Job Contracts/Agreements.
  3. Promotion of Sri Lankan Manpower.
  4. Handling of Grievances/Complaints of Migrant Workers
  5. Repatriation of Migrant Workers.